Do it for Dad

by kaceemaree

Recently, I haven’t been able to wear any true smiles or feel any real happiness. The best I’ve felt since losing my dad was after reading a tribute I’d written for him to all who attended his funeral service. In fact, telling a hundred people about my wonderful father was so fulfilling that I got back up afterward and talked even more about how he showed me how to live and how much I’ll miss him.

I sense that the only way for me to feel good is to continue to do things to honor my dad. The best way I can figure to do so is to think about him every day, take care of my brother like he told me to, and treat life the way my dad always has by approaching everything with a strong will and soft heart.

Dad, I promise to…

Smile and laugh – at myself and with others.

Try to make any day better, for anyone.

Make new things out of nothing.

Take time for myself – maybe in the Boundary Waters.

Make time for people who deserve my time.

Be a best friend.

Take only important things too seriously.

Turn every moment in life into something special.

Be someone people look up to.

Leave happy, handwritten notes.

Say thank you.

Really, truly care.

Inspire my (future) kids.

Love, Kid.


If everything I do is for dad, I think I could feel happy again.

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