Happy Anniversary, Me.

by kaceemaree

Today is the one-year anniversary of my first blog post, wherein I explained my realization that it’s apparently unique to create happiness for yourself and for others. At that time, I knew the coming year would be a hard one, but I hoped to get through it with a smile. Well, turns out it was the most heartrending year of my life. And there were more tears than there were smiles.

That said, I’m determined to cram as much happiness as I can into the coming year and each one thereafter because, well, life is short and the only way to live it properly is to spend each day doing things that make you happy.

So, what makes me happy?

Good people. Don’t be fooled. These are rare. When I say “good,” I mean… always have a smile on their face, give the best hugs, offer advice that shows they really know you, laugh at the same things you do, make you feel better about life… kind of people. Make time for them – they’re the only ones really worth your time.

Ice cream. As a kid, my dad and I would always end the weekend nights with ice cream. Since I’m a big girl now, I’ve been ending every night with ice cream and, damn, is it delicious. Indulge as needed.

Sunshine. Sunny days have a way of washing cares away and I’m pretty sure I’m due for a dousing. Along with warm weather comes warm weather activities like walking, hiking, sunning and biking. All of which I wish I could do year-round. Perhaps a move westward is in order.

Writing. If I could do anything in the world, I would spend each day writing my little heart out. The only way to become a better writer is to…

  1. Write.
  2. Write more.
  3. Write even more.
  4. Write even more than that.
  5. Write when you don’t want to.
  6. Write when you do.
  7. Write when you have something to say.
  8. Write when you don’t.
  9. Write every day.
  10. Keep writing.

(I love this. But I did not come up with it. Read the original post from @copyblogger)

Traveling. This is something I’ve done very little of in life and I plan to change that. As a bit of an edit to my prior statement, if I could do anything in the world, I would travel the world and write about it. And I think I will, thank you very much.

I believe I just made an unintentional to-do list. Looks more inviting than any of the other to-do lists I’ve tackled lately. Guess I’ll spend time doing these things. How about you? What makes you happy?

Happy Anniversary, Me.