Young Artist Wananga

Youth Voice is being systematically silenced throughout the country.  From cancelling of Youth Councils that inform local government, to the canning of the Make it 16 legislation and the removal of our right to speak to the select committee on that bill.  Throw in the casual gutting of RE - News down to six writers and youth are being gagged by the traditional holders of power.

So we have side stepped that and created our own platform.

Create Happy Media is an award winning  by youth for youth media company.  We are all about using our voice to weave people together.  We celebrate the awesome things that youth are doing around the country and show that we don't need to be given power we create our own.  We have over 50 writers from around the country aged 12-24 and now we need to do some mahi to help develop the artists to back them up.

We need more visual storytellers who can help enhance our voice and use our platform to help launch your own career.

So if you know of a talented artist please have them submit their portfolio here so that we can check them out.


Our goal is to travel the country doing in person workshops to develop artists and build community.

So we need to know from you-  Where should we come on the road trip?

Young Artist Wananga

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