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Welcome to Create Happy Media, a media outlet created by teens, for teens. Currently, Create Happy Magazine & Create Happy Podcast are the core sources of the youth media, but CHM is expected to expand into more over the coming year.

Impact Edition

Welcome to the Impact Edition!


Over the last 12 months, Create Happy Magazine has grown more than we could have imagined, from awards to events. I extend my deepest gratitude to the crew who have worked insanely hard to produce this feat. We want to always represent rangatahi in a way that is true and fair to them, celebrating and uniting our fantastic youth in Aotearoa.

I’m excited to announce that the new Co-Editor working with me for the Innovation edition and beyond will be Holly Davies. While we are on the lookout for another amazing young person to join Holly as Co-Editor, I will work with Holly to produce the next few editions. Our new Assistant Editors are Maddison Lynch & Leisha Hodgson. Our new Art Directors are Lindsey Song, Abigail Street, and Ariana Jones.

A big mihi to YOU! Our readers. You inspire us every day to keep going and moving forward; thank you.

Lola Fisher
Founding Member and Chief Editor

Grit Edition


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Aroha Edition

Innovation Edition

Create Happy Magazine:
Our magazine is a wellbeing, creativity, and youth issues online magazine written by teens for teens. We have 15 writers, poets, photographers and artists who run and create the magazine, along with mentor Mandi Lynn. Our magazine is all-inclusive, made for teens of any gender who are interested in photography and mindfulness & wellness.

The magazine is currently running with 15 under 18 year olds who have been working together since March 2022. All passionate in journalism, art or photography, the diverse crew each take on different roles within the magazine, including Chief Editor (Lola Fisher), Assistant Editors (Holly Davies & Sydney Fremista), Graphic Designers (Lola Fisher, Lindsey Song, Audrey Goh), and more. Each magazine is quarterly, and is accompanied by podcast episodes.


Create Happy Podcast - RELEASING 21ST JUNE

Create Happy Podcast is the newest addition to Create Happy Media. The podcast’s concept is to continue the conversations discussed in our articles in the magazine. We want to provide different media source for those who may not enjoy magazines or like to listen to content rather than read. There are 24+ podcast episodes per year (six or more per quarter), and you can find the episodes on Spotify.

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