Create With Us

Create With Us

We are rangatahi journalists with the goal to be a force for positive change in the world. To help to unite & celebrate young people, and tell the stories that haven't been told before.
Keen to join us on the adventure?

Calling all Rangatahi Writers:

Are you between 13-24 and LOVE to write? As in: you do it even when aren't told to do it?

Do you think the world would be a better place if journalists upskilled in how to write in a way that united people?

Would you like to learn the skills of Compassionate Journalism and possibly write for Create Happy Media and Blog? If you sign up below you will go on the waiting list for our next intake of writers to train in Compassionate Journalism. The workshops will take place over two weekends. (The dates haven't been selected yet we will let you know when they are).

Calling all Rangatahi Artists/Photographers

Does creativity pour out of you? Are you always painting or photographing or drawing? Do you want to use your creative powers for good?

Are you keen to be mentored by grand master photographers and award winning artists?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, put your details below and we will invite you to our zoom workshops were we learn from some of New Zealand's top artists and photographers.   Sometimes the students teach each other as well.   The point is.  If you sign up below you will be given a chance to join our art team and your work could be featured in the magazine.

Become part of the Create Happy Whanau by signing up below: